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Savannah is a spectacular bachelorette destination — gorgeous weather, a beautiful downtown, great food, history by the boatload, a hopping nightlife and a large dose of Sothern charm makes it one of our favorite places generally. Here's the scoop on a weekend we planned recently for a group of (count ‘em) 23!


Everyone arrived and checked into a house located near Forsyth Park — just on the edge of downtown and within a mile or so of major attractions. A catered low-country boil at the house was followed by a private ghost tour. Creepy but wonderfully led by the crew at Tara’s Tours, there were (purported) ghost sightings for the whole rest of the weekend.



After a leisurely breakfast at the house — the better to enjoy the gigantic dining room and multiple verandas — people headed out to explore downtown Savannah on foot. After walking, the group split up to do a couple different lunches. The Olde Pink House was a hit, as always. Everyone followed this up with ice cream from Leopolds. Then the girls spent the afternoon on a Savannah Slow Ride pub crawl (we needed two pub crawlers!)

After bachelorette games and a sweet surprise for the bachelorette, the group headed to Rocks on River in the Bohemian Hotel for dinner, followed by a late night dancing at Club 51 Degrees.


Everyone managed to regroup for brunch at B. Matthews — the shrimp and grits were fabulous — before heading out for flights home!