Because we know it's important to feel confident in who you're working with, we're sharing the feedback we get from weekends we've worked on!

I seriously cannot tell you how much we appreciated your help. Especially because planning for this happened smack dab in the midst of my own wedding, your timing and willingness to help could not have come at a better time .. The weekend was flawless.
— Evan R., weekend in Charleston
The price was great, and the service was great ... Loved working with you and you saved my life frankly, as I could not have actually planned all of the that without being in Boston (I live in NYC). Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Chrissy E., weekend in Boston
I am so grateful to have found Tisha and Lauren! They were such a huge help with planning my best friend’s bachelorette party in NYC/Atlantic City. I am not from that part of the country and so they were able to offer me guidance and suggestions about places to eat, fun activities, and places to stay. They also did a fantastic job working our deals for our large party (e.g., arranging a prix fixe family style menu for us, getting a VIP club package, etc.) and communicating directly with the vendors on our behalf. They took care of all of the details (including changing reservations when the number of girls changed) so quickly and effectively, and were in constant contact with me! My only regret is that I didn’t come across My Best Friend’s Weekend earlier in the planning process so that I could have taken advantage of their help from start to finish. Now I know for next time! Thank you Lauren and Tisha!
— Allie W., weekend in NYC/Atlantic City
As the maid of honor, you know the bride best and what her ideal bachelorette weekend would entail. However, it isn’t always easy to plan a bachelorette weekend that captures the bride’s unique taste. That is why My Best Friend’s Weekend is a lifesaver. Tisha helped me plan a custom weekend in Napa that was unforgettable. Not only did we have an amazing time, but she took care of all of our limo and winery appointments. Since my work schedule does not always leave me with a lot of free time for planning, having Tisha there to take care of the details really allowed me to relax both before and during the trip.
— Amanda K., weekend in Napa
Thank you so much for all of this info! You’re a lifesaver! This is very helpful and I love how you laid out the document and added commentary, links, addresses, costs, etc. It made it very easy to research places with all of the options you provided! We had a great time and thank you for the recommendations!
— Erin K., weekends in Sonoma and Wilmington, NC

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